HypnoBirthing and Doula

Are you between 20 and 32 weeks pregnant? That’s the ideal time to start preparing for birth. Either through a Private HypnoBirthing Course or a Doula trajectory. Or treat yourself with a pregnancy or post-partum massage!

What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing is a comprehensive childbirth preparation program that fully prepares you and your (birth) partner for delivery and the postpartum period. Between 20 and 32 weeks of your pregnancy, attend five classes of almost 3 hours each. In these classes, you will learn everything about giving birth together. You can choose from the group course ‘HypnoBirthing Breda,’ ‘HypnoBirthing Dordrecht,’ ‘HypnoBirthing Bergen-op-Zoom,’ or private sessions at your home.

What is the philosophy?

In HypnoBirthing, you focus on the belief that you naturally have the power to give birth in a safe, comfortable, and easy manner. This is also known as a gentle birth. A warm and loving welcome, not only for your baby but also for you as parents.

How does the course help create a gentle birth?

Through HypnoBirthing exercises such as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, visualization, and affirmation, you learn to stay calm and relaxed. Through self-hypnosis, you reduce your fear and pain during childbirth. With extensive knowledge, you know what to expect and develop the strength to make choices that best suit you. Repetition helps you develop a positive mindset. You now trust your body. Together with your partner, you connect more deeply with each other and your baby, strengthening the loving bond. You form a team, defining your birth wishes and each person’s role. You also involve your healthcare providers so they can optimally support you and help you make informed decisions. This makes your birth truly your experience.

Why prepare for childbirth?

You cannot plan how the birth will go. But by just letting it happen, you increase the chance that you will look back on the experience negatively because the birth happens to you and may be taken out of your hands.

“All that matters is a healthy baby” is a minimal and unsatisfying goal, and “Once you have your baby in your arms, you will forget all the hardship” is not true. You will remember this experience forever.

With the HypnoBirthing course, you take control and responsibility for your birth. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being is paramount. The HypnoBirthing birth guides you through all your obstacles and all your strengths. After the birth, you are a different person. Liberated, empowered, clear, and relaxed.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for pregnant women and their (birth) partners. This is often the other parent but can also be your mother, friend, doula, etc. You are also welcome without a partner! HypnoBirthing is suitable for any birth setting, whether at home or in the hospital. Whether you have a planned or unplanned, medical or non-medical birth, HypnoBirthing helps you have the experience that is important to you in any situation.

Parents who have previously taken a course but are looking for a refresher course can also come to me.

What do you learn?

  • The Dutch maternity care system and how it is organized
  • Your autonomic nervous system and why you can and want to relax
  • Birth language
  • Connecting with each other and your baby and the impact of this on your child’s development
  • Assembling your birth team and creating a trust-based collaboration
  • Quick and deep relaxation techniques
  • Releasing fears
  • What happens in your body during childbirth
  • How to handle contractions and labor pain
  • Birthing positions
  • An introduction to breastfeeding
  • The importance of the (birth) partner and what they can do to optimally support you, including massage and rebozo techniques
  • Writing a birth plan using my Birth Plan Workbook
  • Exploring what is important to you during the postpartum period using my Postpartum Plan Workbook


What is included with HypnoBirthing®?

  • A phone consultation if desired
  • 5 classes of 3 hours each
  • The original book: HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method
  • The Syllabus: A workbook for parents
  • My Birth Plan Workbook
  • My Postpartum Plan Workbook
  • Follow-up emails after each lesson
  • The Rainbow Relaxation – audio (MP3)
  • Support via phone and/or email before, during, and after the course

Travel Package €0.29 per kilometer and €25 per hour. The first hour of round-trip travel time per session is free.

After registration, you will receive the invoice in the week before the start of the course.

If you are unable to make the payment in one installment, please contact me to discuss possible options.


Safety is not the absence of threat, it’s the presence of connection – Gabor Mate

During your labor, you deserve to feel heard and seen. To feel safe. As your doula, I am at your service to help you experience that. I am here to support you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in the lead-up to and during your labor and, of course, your postpartum period.

A doula. Maybe you don’t know who a doula is. Or why you should choose one? After all, your partner is there for you. Or a dear friend or your mother. Your midwife is also present, right? So, your birth team seems complete. Or you already know that you have to give birth in the hospital. Then the obstetrician is responsible, and you have to follow the medical plan, you think. So why hire a doula? The presence of a doula has many benefits in all circumstances.

The word “doula” is derived from Greek and means “serving woman.” She serves the birthing process with her deep knowledge of “the fabric of the tissues and water.” The inherited and deeply rooted understanding that a pregnant body is wise. She knows the bones, the muscle layers, the fascia. On one hand, giving birth is a spiritual experience, and at the same time, it is deeply earthly. Amid the literal blood and sweat, not only is a baby born, but also a mother and father. I support you in this with love and gratitude.

A doula journey is always customized because each pregnant woman and her partner have their own wishes and desires. I tailor myself and the journey as closely as possible to these needs. 

A doula supports in all areas except for giving medical advice. However, I am medically knowledgeable based on my experience as a HypnoBirthing® instructor and doula.

Although I have some preset doula packages, that range from 4 sessions, 8 sessions and 12 sessions, it’s always possible to customize the trajectory to your needs. 

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry. I am looking forward to it. 

Pragnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special time that comes with unique physical and emotional changes. A pregnancy massage can help you navigate these changes with greater ease and comfort. Treating yourself with a massage can be a great benefit to get through those trying stages in every trimester.

There is an oppertunity to emphasize on sore spots that deserve some much needed extra attention like your head and shoulders, your lower back or your lower legs and feet. Just tell me what you need.

Experience the Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

Relief from Aches and Pains: As your body changes, you may experience discomfort in your back, hips, and legs. A pregnancy massage helps to relieve these common aches and pains, promoting overall comfort.

Reduced Swelling: Massage can improve circulation, which helps to reduce swelling in your legs and feet, a common issue during pregnancy.

Stress Reduction: The soothing touch of a massage helps to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and better sleep.

Improved Mood: The release of endorphins during a massage can enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.

Better Posture: A pregnancy massage can help improve your posture by relieving the strain on muscles and joints, making it easier to maintain a healthy posture as your belly grows.

Post-Partum Massage

Revocering from pregnancy and birth through selfcare includes a good post-partum massage. A post-partum massage is no luxury if you look at what your body has been through. It needs time but mostly support to heal. 

I would recommand several, weekly massages but of course, see what suits your needs. Instead of new baby clothes as birth presents, ask your family to treat you with a massage that will support you through your maternity phase.

Embrace the Benefits of a Postpartum Massage:

Pain Relief: After childbirth, you may experience muscle soreness and tension. A postpartum massage can help alleviate pain and promote muscle relaxation.

Reduced Swelling: Just like during pregnancy, massage can improve circulation and reduce swelling that may occur after childbirth.

Emotional Well-being: The nurturing touch of a massage can help reduce postpartum anxiety and depression, supporting your emotional health.

Improved Sleep: New mothers often struggle with sleep. A relaxing massage can help improve the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling more rested and rejuvenated.

Enhanced Recovery: Massage can aid in the recovery of your body by promoting healing and reducing the physical strain of caring for a newborn.


Schedule Your Massage Today

You’ll be able to enjoy the massage from the comfort of your own home. I’ll provide the massage on your bed, while protecting sheets with special massage blankets and I use an oil that derived from a combination of sunflower oil, olive oil and the warmth of sesame oil or cooling coconut oil.

It’ll be a two hour appointment with a 1,5 hour massage.

Whether you are expecting or have recently welcomed your little one, a professional pregnancy or postpartum massage can make a significant difference in your well-being. Contact me today to schedule your session and experience the numerous benefits of a nurturing and therapeutic massage. Your body and mind will thank you!

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